Cluster Environments (DEPRECATED) (PREMIUM)

WARNING: This feature was deprecated in GitLab 14.5.

FLAG: On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available, ask an administrator to enable the feature flag named certificate_based_clusters.

Cluster environments provide a consolidated view of which CI environments are deployed to the Kubernetes cluster and it:

  • Shows the project and the relevant environment related to the deployment.
  • Displays the status of the pods for that environment.


With cluster environments, you can gain insight into:

  • Which projects are deployed to the cluster.
  • How many pods are in use for each project's environment.
  • The CI job that was used to deploy to that environment.

Cluster environments page

Access to cluster environments is restricted to group maintainers and owners


In order to:

After you have successful deployments to your group-level or instance-level cluster:

  1. Navigate to your group's Kubernetes page.
  2. Select the Environments tab.

Only successful deployments to the cluster are included in this page. Non-cluster environments aren't included.