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......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ deactivate
`` is a script which is intended to be used in the Systems group. It takes a CSV file as an input and allows you to:
1. Print information about input documents on MDMS and GitLab (optional):
e.g.: `python -m m55958,m55959,m56121 -p FileFormat/CENC`
e.g.: `python -m m55958,m55959,m56121 -p FileFormat/CENC --meeting 133`
2. Open issues based on the information provided in a CSV file:
e.g.: `python --csv Contribs.csv -i`
3. Generate an output document based on the information provided in a CSV file. Use a template (optional) as a basis:
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ def print_infos(docs, project_url_or_path, gitlab_projects, input_docs):
print('MDMS metadata')
document = helpers.find_document(input_docs, 'm'+doc)
if not document:
print(' Document not found in the provided meeting. Try updating the database (-u option).')
print(' Document not found. Try updating the database (-u) or select another meeting (--meeting).')
details = mdms.get_document_details(document['mdms_id'])
if details is None:
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