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......@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ You can use MDMS and GitLab modules in your own scripts. An example how to use t
- `MPEG_LOGIN` - [MDMS]( group login
- `MPEG_PWD` - [MDMS]( group password (changes every meeting)
- `GITLAB_TOKEN` - your private GitLab token with API scope. You can create your token [here](
- Give your token a name, check the **api** checkbox and click on **Create personal access token**.
- Copy your token from the field **Your new personal access token** and add it to `GITLAB_TOKEN` environment variable
e.g.: `export GITLAB_TOKEN="abcd123abcxyzwasdfoobar"`
Just in case you are not familiar with Environment Variables you can follow [this Guide]( to set everything up.
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