Commit cf6c5c64 authored by Dimitri Podborski's avatar Dimitri Podborski
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Add option for mentioning authors in issues

close #191
parent 899ed7ce
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ Some helper functions
import json
import os
import re
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from docx import Document, opc, oxml, shared
from docx.enum.text import WD_ALIGN_PARAGRAPH # pylint: disable=E0611
......@@ -258,4 +259,22 @@ def get_updated_issue_description(current_decription, document, details):
return None
description = create_issue_description_header(document, details)
description += current_decription[pos1+len(CLOSING_TAG):]
return description
\ No newline at end of file
return description
def find_gitlab_users(gitlab_users, document):
usernames = []
regex = re.compile(r'[^a-zA-Z\s]')
for author in document['authors']:
author_name = author['name'].lower().strip()
author_name = regex.sub('', author_name) # remove non alphabetic chars
author_name = ' '.join( [w for w in author_name.split() if len(w)>1] ) # remove single letters
for key in gitlab_users:
gl_name = gitlab_users[key]['name'].lower().strip()
gl_name = regex.sub('', gl_name) # remove non alphabetic chars
gl_name = ' '.join( [w for w in gl_name.split() if len(w)>1] ) # remove single letters
if author_name == gl_name:
return []
return usernames
......@@ -38,16 +38,6 @@ GITLAB_USERS_PATH = os.path.join(DATA_PATH, 'gitlab_users.json')
MEETINGS_PATH = os.path.join(DATA_PATH, 'meetings.json')
SYSTEMS_GROUP_ID = 727 # GitLab Group ID for Systems Subgroup
class Entry:
number: str
project_or_url: str
# doc = Entry()
# doc.title = 'asdf'
# print(doc)
def print_infos(table_entries):
print('\nDump information')
for entry in table_entries:
......@@ -99,13 +89,17 @@ def print_infos(table_entries):
last_comment = max(comments, key=lambda
print(' Last comment from',['username'], 'at', last_comment.updated_at)
def open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start):
def open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start, gitlab_members):
usernames = helpers.find_gitlab_users(gitlab_members, document)
issue_title = helpers.create_issue_title(document)
document_details = mdms.get_document_details(document['mdms_id'])
if document_details is None:
print(' Skip', document['document'])
issue_description = helpers.create_issue_description(document, document_details)
if len(usernames) > 0:
issue_description += '\n_for:_ ' + ''.join('@'+str(u)+', ' for u in usernames)
issue_lables = []
timestamp =
if len(document_details['documents']) > 0:
......@@ -138,9 +132,8 @@ def open_issues(table_entries, test, gitlab_members, meeting_start):
issues = gitlab.get_issues(project_id)
issue_with_title, issue_with_meta, meta_last_doc_version = helpers.find_issue(issues, document)
# TODO find gitlab_members and add them to the issue description, this will automatically notify the contributors
if issue_with_title is None and issue_with_meta is None:
open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start)
open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start, gitlab_members)
counter += 1
elif issue_with_title is not None and issue_with_meta is None:
print(' * {}: ATTENTION Another issue with the same document number in the title was found on GitLab.'.format(document['document']))
......@@ -149,7 +142,7 @@ def open_issues(table_entries, test, gitlab_members, meeting_start):
print(' - Should we still open a new one?')
user_input = input(' Type y or n: ')
if 'y' in user_input:
open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start)
open_new_issue(project_id, document, test, meeting_start, gitlab_members)
counter += 1
print(' * {} Skip "{}"'.format(document['document'], document['title']))
......@@ -357,6 +350,7 @@ parser.add_argument('-p', '--project', help='GitLab project URL or "SubGroup/Pro
parser.add_argument('--meeting', help='MPEG meeting number. If not set, the latest meeting is used.', default=-1, type=int)
parser.add_argument('-t', '--template', help='Document template path if you want to use your .docx template for output document.', type=str)
parser.add_argument('--test', help='Test mode. If set, no issues will be opened or closed.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-n', '--notify', help='Notify (@mention) authors in opened issues.', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
if not and not args.docx and not args.close and not args.list:
......@@ -422,6 +416,8 @@ if args.list:
meeting_start = helpers.try_parsing_date(meeting['start_date'])
if not args.notify:
gitlab_members = None
open_issues(table_entries, args.test, gitlab_members, meeting_start)
if args.close:
close_issues(table_entries, args.test)
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