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really simple script to try out the GitLab API

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""" Test GitLab API
To work properly this script requires following:
1. GITLAB_TOKEN environment variable to be set to your private token.
Create your private token here:
2. pip install --upgrade python-gitlab
import os
import sys
import gitlab
TOKEN = os.environ.get('GITLAB_TOKEN')
if not TOKEN:
print("No private token found, please set the GITLAB_TOKEN environment variable")
# private token authentication
gl = gitlab.Gitlab('', private_token=TOKEN)
# get all projects
# projects = gl.projects.list(all=True)
# print(len(projects))
project = gl.projects.get(PROJECT_ID)
# list issues
issues = project.issues.list()
print("List all issues of the project")
for issue in issues:
# get issue
# issue = project.issues.get(iid)
# create new issue
# issue = project.issues.create({'title': 'Created using API', 'description': 'Foobar some text here'})
# update an issue
# issue.labels = ['Bug', 'Info']
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