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    attr: use single quant_step_size_* for all LoDs in lift/pred · 51f21bcb
    Khaled Mammou authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
    This commit removes the ability to vary quant_step_size on a per-LoD
    basis.  This greatly simplifies the codec configuration, especially
    when used in conjunction with dist2 derivation.
    cfg update:
     - rename quantizationSteps* -> quantizationStep*
     - update quantizationStep* to single values:
       - lossless-geom lossy-attrs:        8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 [8bit]
       - lossless-geom nearlossless-attrs: no change
       - lossless-geom lossless-attrs:     no change
       - lossy-geom    lossy-attrs:        8                       [8bit]
     => 16-bit cat3 sequences are have 8-bit qs values multipled by 255