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    trisoup/m46530: replace trisoup hls with trisoup_node_size_log2 · 0d8f1119
    David Flynn authored
    This commit provides trisoup_node_size_log2 as a replacement for
    the following HLS syntax variables:
     - geom_codec_type (redundant wrt. triangle node size derivation)
     - trisoup_depth (redundant wrt. bounding box)
     - trisoup_triangle_level (semantics simplified)
    The following config options have been removed:
     - geometryCodec (redundant wrt. trisoup_node_size_log2)
     - triSoupLevel  (replaced by trisoup_node_size_log2)
     - triSoupDepth  (unnecessary)
     - triSoupIntToOrigScale (redundant wrt. positionQuantizationScale)