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    m43953/hls: implement sps, gps, aps syntax structures and tlv fileformat · faf569e8
    David Flynn authored
    This commit rewrites the codec high-level syntax:
     - the bitstream is divided into "bricks" (akin to an AVC/HEVC
     - sequence, geometry and attribute parameter sets describe the coding
       parameters in use generally and for a specific brick.
     - marshalling the bitstream payloads to a file format is achieved using
       a type-length-value encoding scheme.
    Additionally, the triSoup bitstream scale and translation values have
    been unified with (replaced by) the octree counterparts.  For
    compatibility, existing command line parameters continue to function
    as before.
    NB: this commit does not incorporate flexibility in the decoding order.
    The decoder requires the bitstream to be presented in a fixed order.