Commit 1cd9938e authored by David Flynn's avatar David Flynn
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m42239/geometry: fix missing neighbourhood check for idcm eligibility

The original integration of IDCM implemented only the parent based
eligibility check of m42239 and erroneously omitted the six-neighbour

This commit adds the six-neighbour check, making use of the neighbour
calculation from m42239 neighbour contextualised coding of occupancy.
parent c4cd4b27
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ isDirectModeEligible(
bool featureEnabled,
int nodeSizeLog2, const PCCOctree3Node& node, const PCCOctree3Node& child
) {
return featureEnabled && (nodeSizeLog2 >= 2)
return featureEnabled && (nodeSizeLog2 >= 2) && (node.neighPattern == 0)
&& (child.numSiblingsPlus1 == 1) && (node.numSiblingsPlus1 <= 2);
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