1. 05 Feb, 2019 10 commits
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      hls/m43953: signal geom_slice_id / attr_geom_slice_id · 70c904ff
      David Flynn authored
       - signal geom_slice_id / attr_geom_slice_id in geometry / attribute
       - attr_geom_slice_id set to current geom_slice_id to maintain
         relationship between attribute and geometry.
       - increment geom_slice_id after each round of encoding.
       - decoder checks that the attribute payload's attr_geom_slice_id
         corresponds to the most recently decoded geometry payload.
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      geom/m44753: contextualisation of occupancy using adjacency · 82a0c430
      David Flynn authored
      Each occupancy bit is contextualised based on the number of occupied
      (directly) adjacent child nodes in the (x-1), (y-1), and (z-1)
      neighbour nodes used to generate the neighbour pattern.
      Three contextualisation states are added:
       - no adjacent neighbours
       - one adjacent neigbour (=adjacencyGt0)
       - two adjacent neighoburs (=adjacencyGt1)
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      geom/m44752: false occupancy aware neighbour determination · 62b05926
      David Flynn authored
      The neighbour pattern for a node indicates occupied neighbouring nodes.
      This commit updates the definition of occupancy for the (x-1), (y-1),
      and (z-1) neighbours to be occupied if the neighbour's adjoining
      children (ie sharing a face with the current node) are occupied.
      In the 1-D figure below, at a depth d, the node 'X' has two occupied
      neighbours 'R' and 'L'.  When determining the neighbour pattern of X,
      the (x-1) state of the neighbour's adjoining child ('r') is used
      instead.  For completeness, nodes marked with '?' are not causally
        d+0:   R|X|L
        d+1:  Rr|??|??
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      geom/m46402: sixteen entry occupancy context map update table · f777b6ab
      David Flynn authored
      Replaces the existing map update tables (generated from (L*p+s)/(L+1),
      memory L=10) with an adaptive memory (L=max(5, 1/p, 1/(1-p)) clipped
      to 200) represented as delta transitions and quantised to 16 entries.
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      trisoup/m46530: replace trisoup hls with trisoup_node_size_log2 · 0d8f1119
      David Flynn authored
      This commit provides trisoup_node_size_log2 as a replacement for
      the following HLS syntax variables:
       - geom_codec_type (redundant wrt. triangle node size derivation)
       - trisoup_depth (redundant wrt. bounding box)
       - trisoup_triangle_level (semantics simplified)
      The following config options have been removed:
       - geometryCodec (redundant wrt. trisoup_node_size_log2)
       - triSoupLevel  (replaced by trisoup_node_size_log2)
       - triSoupDepth  (unnecessary)
       - triSoupIntToOrigScale (redundant wrt. positionQuantizationScale)
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      ply/m46471: clip RGB to YCbCr conversion for full range RGB input · 7a820607
      Min Ku Lee authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
      Using the Rec.709 colour matrix with full range RGB signals, it is
      necessary to clip the output to avoid exceeding the attribute bitdepth.
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      geom/m46512: fix incorrect calculation of num_leaf_points_minus2 · 06d12e7a
      David Flynn authored
      A leaf node by definition contains at least one point.  Therefore the
      single point flag indicates if there are one or two points in the leaf.
      The remainder should be signalled as numpoints - 2 as per the working
      draft text.
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      cfg/m46037: add dancer and basketball_player vox11 sequences · 80de030a
      Ohji Nakagami authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
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      attr/m43781: fast lifting for lossy attributes · 441b6b45
      Khaled Mammou authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
      Replace the k-d tree based nearest neighbour search with an approximate
      search based upon the points in Morton order.
    • Toshiyasu Sugio's avatar
      attr/m43665: configurable number of direct neighbour predictors · dce92811
      Toshiyasu Sugio authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
      This commit provides an ability to vary the number of direct neighbours
      used in the predicting transform.  Mode 0 corresponds to the existing
      averaging, and mode n selects the n-th nearest neighbour for direct
      The provided code has been reworked to:
       - rewrite unary coding to be a little more obvious
       - tidy the mode decision path
       - add configuration for max_num_direct_predictors (renamed from
       - now counts the number of single predictors, rather than prediction
  7. 31 Oct, 2018 22 commits