1. 21 Nov, 2019 9 commits
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      hls/m51027: signal geometry axis order · d96e5851
      David Flynn authored
      This adoption permits encoding the geometry positions in an order other
      than {x,y,z}.  The --geometry_axis_order option causes the encoder to
      load data from the ply file in a different order.  The order is
      signalled in the SPS and the decoder will label the output axis as
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      ply: move ply io methods to separate compilation unit · 31d57093
      David Flynn authored
      This commit migrates PCCPointSet3::read and write to ply::read and write.
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      cli: add support for encoding pointcloud sequences · ef9b47b9
      David Flynn authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
      This commit enables the codec to encapsulate more than one frame in the
      coded bitstream.  The number of frames to encode is controlled by the
      frameCount option.
      Support is added to encode multiple source frames from separate ply
      files based on a template input file name.  A printf-like "%d" directive
      acts as a placeholder for the current frame number.
      Decoding functions in a similar way with a each frame decoded from the
      bitstream being written to a separate ply file named according to a
      template pattern.
      The first frame number used for file I/O may be set using the
      firstFrameNum option.
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      hls/m51025: support multi-frame sequences · 105120bd
      David Flynn authored
      This adds:
       - a frame_idx syntax element to every geometry slice header.
       - (decoder) handling of a frame boundary data unit.
      Frame boundaries are represented by changes in the value of frame_idx
      or by the presence of a frame boundary data unit.
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      attr: don't specialise k=0 case in (de/en)codeColorsPred · 8c37a777
      David Flynn authored
      This converts an unrolled loop (with special case for the initial
      iteration) to the rolled up form in order to improve readability.
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      hls/m50745: avoid signalling variables in meaningless cases · f38332a3
      David Flynn authored
      For the lifting scheme, some APS parameters are always signalled.
      However, some syntax elements are not needed depending upon the values
      of attr_coding_type and lifting_scalability_enabled_flag.  This adoption
      avoids signalling unnecessary syntax elements in these cases.
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      release: update version to 7.1 · 047cc958
      David Flynn authored
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      attr: pass aps reference rather than use many arguments in calls · 41bc63dc
      David Flynn authored
      This commit refactors calling the LoD generation routines to pass
      the aps rather than a long list of syntax variables.
    • Satoru KUMA's avatar
      attr/m47352: permit partial geometry and attribute reconstruction · 10a4eb36
      Satoru KUMA authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
      This provides a means to achieve spatial scalability for a G-PCC
      bitstream.  For bitstreams encoded with aps_scalable_enabled_flag set,
      the decoder may partially decode the geometry octree
      (minGeomNodeSizeLog2) and the corresponding point attributes.  The
      functionality is achieved by constraining the LoD generation process to
      align with partial geometry decoding.
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