GitLab CI/CD instance configuration (FREE SELF)

GitLab CI/CD is enabled by default in all new projects on an instance. You can configure the instance to have GitLab CI/CD disabled by default in new projects.

You can still choose to enable GitLab CI/CD in individual projects at any time.

Disable GitLab CI/CD in new projects

You can set GitLab CI/CD to be disabled by default in all new projects by modifying the settings in:

  • gitlab.yml for source installations.
  • gitlab.rb for Omnibus GitLab installations.

Existing projects that already had CI/CD enabled are unchanged. Also, this setting only changes the project default, so project owners can still enable CI/CD in the project settings.

For installations from source:

  1. Open gitlab.yml with your editor and set builds to false:

    ## Default project features settings
      issues: true
      merge_requests: true
      wiki: true
      snippets: false
      builds: false
  2. Save the gitlab.yml file.

  3. Restart GitLab:

    sudo service gitlab restart

For Omnibus GitLab installations:

  1. Edit /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and add this line:

    gitlab_rails['gitlab_default_projects_features_builds'] = false
  2. Save the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file.

  3. Reconfigure GitLab:

    sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure