Jira integrations


GitLab Issues are a tool for discussing ideas and planning and tracking work. However, your organization may already use Jira for these purposes, with extensive, established data and business processes they rely on.

Although you can migrate your Jira issues and work exclusively in GitLab, you also have the option of continuing to use Jira by using GitLab's Jira integrations.


The following Jira integrations allow different types of cross-referencing between GitLab activity and Jira issues, with additional features:

Feature comparison

Capability Jira integration Jira Development Panel integration
Mention of Jira issue ID in GitLab is automatically linked to that issue Yes No
Mention of Jira issue ID in GitLab issue/MR is reflected in the Jira issue Yes, as a Jira comment with the GitLab issue/MR title and a link back to it. Its first mention also adds the GitLab page to the Jira issue under “Web links”. Yes, in the issue’s Development panel
Mention of Jira issue ID in GitLab commit message is reflected in the issue Yes. The entire commit message is added to the Jira issue as a comment and under “Web links”, each with a link back to the commit in GitLab. Yes, in the issue’s Development panel and optionally with a custom comment on the Jira issue using Jira Smart Commits.
Mention of Jira issue ID in GitLab branch names is reflected in Jira issue No Yes, in the issue’s Development panel
Record Jira time tracking info against an issue No Yes. Time can be specified via Jira Smart Commits.
Transition or close a Jira issue with a Git commit or merge request Yes. Only a single transition type, typically configured to close the issue by setting it to Done. Yes. Transition to any state using Jira Smart Commits.
Display a list of Jira issues Yes (PREMIUM) No