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    m42642/attr: adaptive distance-based prediction · 85474147
    Khaled Mammou authored and David Flynn's avatar David Flynn committed
    Adaptively pick the number of neighbours considered during the
    prediction based on analysis of the reconstructed attribute values of
    the neighbours.
    From m42642, this is performed by computing the maximum difference
    between any two reconstructed attribute values of a points neighbours.
    If the variability is higher than a threshold, then apply a
    rate-distortion optimization procedure to choose between using either
    a single neighbour or all neighbours. The index of the best prediction
    strategy is arithmetically encoded.
    This commit:
     - implements the m42642 method
     - moves buildPredictors into transform-specific attribute encoding/decoding
     - adds quantizationStepsChroma
     - renames quantizationSteps -> quantizationStepsLuma
    df: fixed incorrect application of quantizationStepsLuma|Chroma
    df: updated cat3 cfg to specify quantizationStepsChroma
    df: fixed header encoding if quantizationStepsChroma missing