Commit 053cd4dd authored by David Flynn's avatar David Flynn Committed by David Flynn
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entropy: disable aec trailing 0xff-byte pruning

In order to implement the reversed bypass stream, it is necessary that
the arithmetic encoder outputs an independently decodable stream that
does not rely upon bounded read operations that insert 0xff bytes when
the entire aec sub-stream input is consumed (since there will be no
indication of the sub-stream length).
parent 81f2d561
......@@ -215,9 +215,6 @@ schro_arith_flush (SchroArith * arith)
arith->dataptr[arith->offset] = arith->range[0] >> 0;
while (arith->offset > 1 && arith->dataptr[arith->offset - 1] == 0xff) {
/* wrappers */
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