Commit 775d0f94 authored by Toshiyasu Sugio's avatar Toshiyasu Sugio Committed by David Flynn
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attr/m49628: use intra lod prediction in top layer

This adoption fixes an issue whereby intra lod prediction is not applied
to the top layer.  By fixing this, intra lod prediction will be used for
the single-layer case.
parent 80cc5bf0
...@@ -803,26 +803,15 @@ buildPredictorsFast( ...@@ -803,26 +803,15 @@ buildPredictorsFast(
} }
const int32_t endIndex = indexes.size(); const int32_t endIndex = indexes.size();
if (retained.empty()) { computeNearestNeighbors(
for (int32_t i = startIndex; i < endIndex; ++i) { pointCloud, packedVoxel, retained, startIndex, endIndex, searchRange2,
const int32_t index = indexes[i]; numberOfNearestNeighborsInPrediction, indexes, predictors,
const int32_t pointIndex = packedVoxel[index].index; pointIndexToPredictorIndex, predIndex, bBoxes,
indexes[i] = pointIndex; intraLodPredictionEnabled);
auto& predictor = predictors[--predIndex];
assert(predIndex >= 0);
pointIndexToPredictorIndex[pointIndex] = predIndex;
} else {
pointCloud, packedVoxel, retained, startIndex, endIndex, searchRange2,
numberOfNearestNeighborsInPrediction, indexes, predictors,
pointIndexToPredictorIndex, predIndex, bBoxes,
numberOfPointsPerLevelOfDetail.push_back(retained.size()); if (!retained.empty()) {
input.resize(0); input.resize(0);
std::swap(retained, input); std::swap(retained, input);
} }
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