Commit b8c02b54 authored by Satoru KUMA's avatar Satoru KUMA Committed by David Flynn
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attr/m50745: generate one LoD per octree level with scalable coding

This commit forces the number of LoDs generated when scalable coding is
enabled to match the number of octree levels, thereby permitting
reconstruction at an arbitrary octree depth.
parent c7a28b70
......@@ -954,13 +954,18 @@ buildPredictorsFast(
int32_t num_detail_levels = aps.num_detail_levels;
if (aps.scalable_lifting_enabled_flag == 1) {
// NB: when partial decoding is enabled, LoDs correspond to octree levels
num_detail_levels = INT_MAX;
std::vector<Box3<int32_t>> bBoxes;
int32_t predIndex = int32_t(pointCount);
for (auto lodIndex = minGeomNodeSizeLog2;
!input.empty() && lodIndex <= aps.num_detail_levels; ++lodIndex) {
!input.empty() && lodIndex <= num_detail_levels; ++lodIndex) {
const int32_t startIndex = indexes.size();
if (lodIndex == aps.num_detail_levels) {
if (lodIndex == num_detail_levels) {
for (const auto index : input) {
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