1. 10 May, 2018 9 commits
  2. 09 May, 2018 3 commits
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      geometry: refactor encoder/decoder position coding loop · ae2e9303
      David Flynn authored
      This commit refactors the position coding loops in preparation for a
      subsequent commit that requires the ability to index nodes in the
      coding loop fifo.
      The refactoring operation also:
       - reduces the number of copy construction operations when managing
         the fifo.
       - avoids in-loop malloc, since the previous temporary fifo used
         to split the current node was constructed afresh for each
         iteration.  In the encoder this is factored out of the loop,
         while the decoder implementation elides the temporary fifo
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      remove unused functions/classes/methods · 129e2f1f
      David Flynn authored
      Unused code can get in the way of refactoring.  This commit removes the
      following classes, methods and utility functions:
       - PCCStaticKdTree3
       - PCCMatrix3
       - PCCDiagonalize
       - PCCPointSet3::setPosition(...)
       - PCCPointSet3::addPoint(...)
       - PCCPointSet3::computeCentroid(...)
       - PCCVector3::normalize(...)
       - PCCVector3::operator^(...)
       - PCCIncrementalKdTree3::append(...)
       - PCCDivideRange()
       - PCCGetNumberOfBitsInFixedLengthRepresentation()
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      build: determine version string from VCS · efee14dc
      David Flynn authored
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  6. 17 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      use program-options-lite for command-line and config handling · 5529c24e
      David Flynn authored
      This commit replaces the previous command-line argument parsing with
      program-options-lite, which additionally serves as a simple config-file
      A table based configuration of options provides in a single place
      option naming, help text, and default values.
      Side effects of this change are to:
       - adds further error checking for unknown arguments (warning only), parse
         failures, required options.
       - replace the default constructor of Parameters,
         PCCAttributeEncodeParamaters, and PCCAttributeEncodeParamaters
         with defaults in args handler
       - updates the type of Parameters::mode & ...::colorTransform to be more
         more descriptive.
      git-svn-id: http://wg11.sc29.org/svn/repos/MPEG-I/Part5-PointCloudCompression/TM/TMC3/trunk@1318 94298a81-5874-47c9-aab8-bfb24faeed7f
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